Help That Church go and Bless Mbale, Uganda through Offering.
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Hope 2 Uganda, The Legacy Project, is a humanitarian and ministerial outreach program designed to train, teach and empower the people of Mbale, Uganda. The Legacy Project is a long-term venture that is designed to completely transform and give life to the desolate and remote areas of Mbale. There are many talented and energetic people in this region of Africa that are eagerly anticipating the start of this endeavor. With plans to open in February, 2022, The Legacy Academy, an elementary school, will be the first phase of this project.

The Legacy Academy will begin with a class of first graders and will grow each year as the inaugural class advances. Part of the curriculum for the elementary school will include teaching the children fundamental basics and trades of commerce and agriculture. With this knowledge, the upcoming generation of Ugandans will have the ability to break the cycle of poverty and be equipped with the tools to develop a productive, self-sustaining culture. Upon graduating from secondary school, the last phase of The Legacy Project is to have in place an institution of higher learning.

Graduates will be given the opportunity to attend a Bible or Vocational college built by funds donated to The Legacy Project. This will allow students to further their studies of useful trades so that they can begin applying their skills and bettering their communities. It’s going to take a lot of financial support to transform Mbale, Uganda…

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